Viking Battle Game

This project began its life as an attempt to animate a large battle between two armies of vikings. Rather than animate each viking individually, I decided it would be more efficient to write a script that would determine the actions of each warrior and simulate battle behaviour.

When I revisited the project roughly half a year later, I turned the simulation into a game by adding controls to allow the viewer to control one side of the conflict.

Play the game

Flash with ActionScript

Spring 2012

Portals App

I designed this app for Stevenson University's Portals exhibit. Anything painted red in the exhibit was a "portal" (some literal, some symbolic) that visitors could open or interact with. My app was run on a touchscreen tablet PC mounted behind a frame on the wall. Viewers could touch the doors on the screen to open them and unviel the surprise inside each one. All but one of the doors also feature a second, hidden level of interaction. For instance, when users tap the lower left door balloons float out. If they tap the balloons a second time before they float away, the balloons will pop.

Try out the app
More about Portals

Flash with ActionScript

Spring 2013

1984 The Game

This game represents a loose interperetation of 1984, George Orwell's classic novel. Gameplay tasks the player with sneaking past the Thought Police, Telescreens, and cameras to find secret messages on crumpled bits of paper. I designed both the code and the art for this game, including a number of original paintings and poster designs.

Play a demo

Flash with ActionScript

Fall 2012

Icebridge Matching Game

This game was designed to promote NASA's Operation Icebridge on their childrens' web site. It's a basic card-matching game that incorporates photographs from NASA. I coded in a few original twists on the classic gameplay formula, including cards that explode and dynamically stack.

Play the game

Flash with ActionScript

Fall 2012

Fourth Friday

This project was created to promote 4th Friday (later renamed Final Friday), a monthly event in Station North, Baltimore's Art District. The logo incorporates the form of a number four bisecting the shape a map of Station North.

The mobile app is designed to promote exploration of the district by tracking the location of the user on a map and noting when they visit a local "hotspot." Each hotspot is a prominent cultural or otherwise notable destination in Station North. The app informs users about each of these locations and encourages them to visit them all.

View an animated mockup

Logo design, promotional materials, and mobile app design

Fall 2011

Senior Exhibition Invitation

I'm quite proud to say that not only was my invitation design chosen to represent the 2013 Senior Exhibition at Stevenson University, but so were my logo design, type treatment of the exhibit's title, and illustrations of windows, doors, and keyholes. My illustrations, title, and logo design were used on the exhibit's promotional posters and fliers, and the illustrations and title were made into large wall decals as part of the exhibit itself.

More about Portals


Spring 2013

University of Maryland Terrapin

This illustration is a cuter, friendler version of the University of Maryland's terrapin mascot. Prints of this illustration are being used as name tags on the doors of UMD dormitory rooms.


Fall 2012

Monster Movie Props

When a student filmmaker at Stevenson University needed props for an upcoming film project, a small team of designers and I came to her aid. Here we see my personal contributions to the project. I was tasked with Photoshopping an image of a young friend of the filmmaker into the top-hatted monster seen here. I also designed dust jackets for two prop books, Habits of the Vampyre and The Werewolf and I.

Prop photograph and dust jackets

Fall 2012

Paving the Way for Change

These materials were generated to promote the 2012 Service Learning and Civic Engagement conference. I incorporated the event's construction motif throughout my designs, as seen in my illustration of a graduate drawing himself into being from a blueprint schematic. The image symbolizes how a student can build their ideal future with careful and intelligent planning, just like a building project.

The patterns of squares are meant to reflect a combination of a blueprint's grid and paving stones in the process of being laid. They could also be thought of as building blocks or abstracted buildings under construction.

Promotional postcard, illustration, and sample booklet layout

Fall 2011

Frozen Sunshine

Frozen Sunshine is a chain of beach-adjacent ice cream shops centered around Ocean City. I designed a logo and branding for the chain, and the imagery on the business card demonstrates how the logo can be interpereted as the sun setting over the ocean, a bowl of ice cream, an ice cream cone, or a steaming cup of coffee. Also on display here are several of my character illustrations and their irreverent catchphrases, as well as a cute package design.

Printed promotional materials, including business card and package design

Spring 2011

A Gentleman's Guide to Gentlemanly Behaviour

A content management system (or CMS) allows clients to update their site's content easily as they could update their Facebook page. This silly site was built using Wordpress as a CMS, and with custom CSS code I was able to adjust all aspects of its appearance as I saw fit.

See it in action

Wordpress site with custom CSS

Fall 2012

Solar Dynamics Observatory

With this site I was tasked with creating a responsive layout, which I hand-coded in HTML and CSS. The site rearranges its format based on whether it is viewed on a mobile phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

For a demonstration, click the button below to view the live site, then try resizing your browser window to the size of a tablet or phone's screen.

See it in action

Responsive web site

Fall 2012

Virtual Planetarium

This site uses an experimental fusion of traditional HTML pages and interactive, animated Flash content to bring the solar system to life on a computer monitor.

See it in action

Web site with Flash and ActionScript

Fall 2011

Animation and Motion Graphics Reel

A montage of clips from past animation and motion graphics projects. Keep scrolling down this page for more information about many of these project.

2012 - 2013

UMB Holiday eCard 2013

Viewed over 4,000 times, this video holiday card was e-mailed en masse to University of Maryland's students, faculty, staff, and more. It was also featured on the university's home page for several weeks around the holidays. The design of the card in the video matches the print card mailed out by the university.

Animation created with AfterEffects and Cinema4D

Fall 2013

Rumpelstiltskin Title

This title sequence was designed for a small independent film project currently in production. I animated and modeled the scene in Cinema 4D, then exported the video to AfterEffects. I used AfterEffects to add some final touches such as the atmospheric steam effects which were integrated using a depth matte rendered from Cinema 4D.

Animation created with Cinema 4D and AfterEffects

Spring 2013

Retro Game Play Promotion

Here, I created branding and promotional materials for a television show called Retro Game Play or RePlay. To create this promotional clip, I wrote a ActionScript code that adjusts the scale, speed, and overlapping of the soldiers to simulate depth.

See also:

Lower Third

Digital animation created with AfterEffects and Flash

Spring 2012

There Was a Crooked Man

This animation is based on the classic nursery rhyme There Was A Crooked Man. It was created with Illustrator and AfterEffects.

Digital animation created with AfterEffects

Spring 2012

How Do You Recycle? The Robot

This fun video is part of Stevenson University's How Do You Recycle? series. Each video in the series showcases a different, implausibly creative method of recycling. I was in charge of storyboarding and directing this video, and I was also responsible for implementing the digital effects and animations. My logo design was chosen to represent the entire series.

Live video with digital effects and animation

Fall 2012

BoxRobot 3D

For practice, I created and animated a 3D model of BoxRobot, the character from my How Do You Recycle? video, using Cinema 4D. I also experimented with compositing it into live footage using AfterEffects, as seen here:

BoxRobot 3D in Live Footage

3D Render created with Cinema 4D

Spring 2013

Master Copy

This painting is a master copy of Self-Portrait in Painter's Costume, originally painted by Rembrandt van Rijn sometime between 1660 and 1662.

Oil on Canvas, 20" x 16"

Fall 2011

Still Life

In this still life, I use dramatic lighting to give everyday objects a monumental quality.

Oil on Canvas, 20" x 16"

Fall 2011


Oil on Canvas, 14" x 11"

Spring 2011



Stevenson University, Stevenson, MD
Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Design, May 2013
GPA: 3.947/4.00
        Track: Motion Graphics
        Minor: Computer Information Systems
        summa cum laude

Field Experience

University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
Web Developer, 2013-present
        Designed and coded mockups to redesign the university's web site
        Designed and built templates within the university's new CMS
        Ensured content was bug-free, responsive, and cross-browser compatible
        Created animation for motion graphics projects

Megatech Solutions, New York, NY
Independent Contractor, 2012
        Generated and modified web content to meet the client's specifications
        Designed, created, and modified site visuals
        Ensured all content was bug-free and met W3C standards

Spin Groove Records, Easton, MD
Web Designer 2011-2012
        Developed a visual brand identity for Spin Groove Records
        Designed and coded a website

Freelance Portrait Painter, 2011-2012
        Painted portraits of clients
        Designed and coded a promotional website and fliers

Unpaid Projects

Steampunk Fairytales Film Project
Animator and Digital Effects Artist 2012-present
        Created animations, such as a title sequence
        Designed and created digital images and integrated them into live footage

Stevenson University Senior Exhibition 2013
        Designed the exhibition’s logo and title typography
        Created an interactive touchscreen experience for the exhibit

"The Game of Life" Graphic Novel 2011-2012
        Drafted concept art and character designs for a graphic novel called "The Game of Life"
        Responsible for converting one entire chapter from verbal script to a complete graphic novel

Flash Game Development
        Illustrated and animated character art and environments
        Coded interactive systems using ActionScript
        Brought several games to completion, with other games in various stages of experimentation

Technical Skills

Web design with HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver

Animation and effects with Flash and AfterEffects

Video editing with Final Cut

Programming and app design with ActionScript, Java, and Visual Basic

Database management and design with Microsoft Access and SQL

Graphic design and illustration with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

3D modelling and animation with Cinema 4D

Fine art and illustration with traditional artistic media, including oil paints

Experience with Mac and PC

Other Experience

Pizza Hut, Annapolis, MD
Driver, 2012-present

Lego Store, Annapolis, MD
Brick Specialist (customer service), 2011

Beale Street Puppets, Baltimore, MD
Face Painter, 2010-2011

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